(BEGODI) – Binh Dinh is not until recently widely known as a new highly-recommended-go-to destination spotted in the Vietnam map, which definitely amazes travellers who love nature and local gems.

Hon Kho
Hon Kho (Source: Internet)


Being such a new city, Binh Dinh is now not yet been thoroughly recognised by most of the national visitors, yet to say foreign people. The things you got beneath here are from the view of a local person who had nearly 10 years to be at and live with the culture.

The weather

Like almost any city across the middle of Vietnam, Binh Dinh is a quite dry and hot city all over the year. Neverthless, because it is highly affected by the coastal climate and the signature “the north” kind of weather, the city seems good enough to live during summer or when the winter comes while other lands are at that moment full of burning sun or extremely cold days.

The most appropriate time to come make friends is during the autumn or late-spring. However, as mentioned that Binh Dinh is a quite easy-weather land, from the February till August is totally mercifully available. The rest of the months might in some cases have hurricanes or floods.

Surrounded by the coastal line, countless sun beaches and gorgeous islands, yet having not attracted much tourists like other famous Vietnam beach cities (Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, Ha Long,…) Quy Nhon is a huge hit for you to get a new taste with a quite cheap price.

How to get there?

There are several ways to reach the city but it would be nice to go by plane as the price is reasonable (comparing to other destinations) and the journey is much safer and more convenient. Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air And Jetstar are three official airlines that offer flights to Quy Nhon (that away from the city just about almost an hour drive).

If you go from Hanoi or Saigon, it is easy to book the flights right from the websites: vietjet or vietnamairlines or jetstar. Vietnamairlines offers a higher quality of flights, but if you expect just an average one with a lovely price, Vietjet Air or Jetstar Airlines would be perfect, which varies from $25 to about $50 per one way. Moving time is about 1 and a half hour from Hanoi and 45 minutes from Saigon.

Once being at the Phu Cat airport, you can wave a taxi to get to Quy Nhon city. The fee would be about from 300.000 vnd ($15) to 400.000 vnd ($20), or using the transferring bus if you do not have much luggages, which will move right into the center of the city and costs just 50.000 vnd ($2.5).

However, transferring by trains would be fun if you approach from another city apart from Hanoi or Saigon (and because there is no flight offered except from these two, too).

The price will depend on which city you begin from and also the booking time but it may vary from $20 to $40/ one way from Saigon and takes about 10 hours on the carriage. The train station is quite closed to the city, takes about half of hour to go.

Couches or double-deckers are not recommended. To be honest, this sort of vehicles in Vietnam would be a nightmare for travellers as the safety and comfortivity are not totally ensured. However if you want to save a bit money for other fun tasks, these are some agreeable names that are recommended: Hoang Long and Mai Linh.

Wandering around

Quy Nhon is a small city being on the growing pace that would not be so advisable for those who loves crazy nightclubs or dynamic things. With a small amount of population and rarely (or almost never) has traffic jams.

Quy Nhon is entirely a lovely place for you and your beloved ones to relax and enjoy the nature love. Renting a bike to go around the city, adore the slow living pace and the food created by the local people would bring you peace of mind. You can rent a double-bike for two people at 338 Dien Hong st. with just about 50 cents per hour.

As same as other cities from this Asia country, the most popular mean of transport here is motorbike. In Quy Nhon, you can ask for one right at the hotel you live. The price would be about 120.000 vnd ($5) per day along with a $30 deposit.

The famous gem places

Thap Doi, Thap Banh It – Nagara Champa old towers

Thap Doi. (Source: baodaklak)

Had been remaining for over 1 millenniums and a half (192 – 1832), the Nagara Champa cultue was one of the most prosperous civilization across the central land of Vietnam. Located on Tran Hung Dao street, right inside Quy Nhon city, Thap Doi is a construction of two magnificent temples which has stayed until the present day.

The marvelous design of the two towers has been mindfully preserved in order to help remain it until nowadays. (Source: fionaltravelfromasia)

Ky Co island – Eo gio coastal mound

(Source: thanhnien)

Being one of the most conversional islands in the entire country, Ky Co is a true magical place for crowd-escaping trips. The water is so clean and clear that from the on-neath of the water, we can totally exammise what is going on at the very bottom layers.

(Source: posoto)

Sitting on the pannier boats floating on the sea, you probably feel like there is nothing on earth could involve in and break this marvelous troposphere anymore.

N°Ûc biÃn trong xanh, soi bóng nhïng t£ng á , trông Kó Co nh° mÙt béc tranh s¡n thçy hïu tình. ¢nh : Tr§n Hoa Khá
(Source: goodtour)

Coral-watching and diving are some of the most exciting activities recommended when coming to visit this island.

On the way back to hotel, you can hold off a moment to come visit Eo Gio – an absolute imposing landscape that hoops around the sea like a curving bow. The mother nature grants a goodwill to make this spot seems to blend well with enchanted Earth elements: sky, mountains, the sea and the ground.

Eo gio. (Source: kenhdulich)
This spot seems blended well with enchanted Earth elements: sky, mountains, the sea and the ground. (Source: nnbinhan of workpress)

It is suggested that you should book a full-tour including both Ky Co and Eo Gio, wrapped in a day’s time which provides lunch with variable gorgeous sorts of seafood.

Ham Ho – the ecological landscape

Ham ho. (Source: mytour)

Not only a coastal province, Binh Dinh also owns a criss-cross river network. Ham Ho is the most remarkable scenery above those that has been established to become an ecological leisure travel area.

Kayak-ing across the riverside, enjoy the beautiful view of and the airy atmosphere, let yourself be calmed by the great nature creation. (Source: flightbooking)

Ghenh Rang (Hoang Hau beach, Quy Hoa beach, Han Mac Tu grave)

(Source: mapio)

Among the beautiful landmarks of the city, we cannot pass through without listing Ghenh Rang. Embraced by the sun and the spectacular location (on a higher mound overlooking the whole city view), Ghenh Rang owns doubtlessly charming spots (stone-created area, Hoang Hau beach, the pine wood,…) and offers various entertaining ranges: restaurant, coffee shop, souvenir shops,…

Han Mac Tu grave. (Source: airbooking)

Han Mac Tu was once a famous poet of Vietnam who is diagnosed with serious leprosy. Admired by many people, his grave was set up right at the place he devoted his life to in the last rushing time facing death – Quy Nhon leprosy hospital and locality.

Among those, Dzũ Kha is one of the top-notch characters that owns a huge adoration and respect to Han Mac Tu. With his exceptional weird talent: using a fire-up pen to “calligraphyly” write and draw on the surface of the wood textile, Dzũ Kha dedicated his life to cosset the poem lines of Han Mac Tu.

Dzũ Kha dedicated his life to cosset the poem lines of Han Mac Tu. (Source: taydotravel)

Hon Kho

(Source: diadiemdulich)

One more stunning nature creation, Hon Kho is granted with the nice shades of chilled icy colors splashing all over the place. Not having been interfered much from the local government, the raw conversional flawless beauty of this very island would probably be your perfect get-away destination.

Hon Kho is granted with the nice shades of chilled icy colors splashing all over the place. (Source: ivivu)

Worth-going festivals

Dong Da – Tay Son Festival

(Source: vietpalm)

This festival is greatfully one of the biggest and most long-standing ones, not only in this single province, but the whole country. For the purpose of cheering the in-past victory of king Quang Trung against Man Thanh army from China, the local people has been attempting to endure the “triumph” day by toasting as great as they can. Dragon-boat racing, martial-arts performing, drump toasting,… are some of the exciting activities during the on-going time. Dong Da – Tay Son festival occured on the fourth or fifth day of Tet holiday (moon calendar) in Phu Phong town, Tay Son.

“Đổ Giàn” – despensing festival

(Source: baobinhdinh)

Le hoi Do Gian is a festival toasting the hectic life and wealthiness of the An Thai ancient town. There are a bunch of strange and fun enterprises executed throughout the festival. The feast took place every 4 years (leap year) during mid-July (according to the moon calendar) in An Nhon town.

Lien Hoan Vo Co Truyen – The Traditional Martial-arts Feast

(Source: zing news)

Taking place at the most dynamic area of the province – Quy Nhon city, the Traditional Martial-arts Feast has been one of the biggest events occurred to the local people every two years (early August) with tons of amusing entertaining things including hundreds of spectacular performances and relevant activities.

What to eat

Banh Xeo – crispy crepe filled with cooked veggie, fresh prawn or beef

Banh Xeo. (Source: hotdeal)

This dish has been infamous all over Vietnam for its flavourful taste of simplicity. The crispy yellow rice flour layer, the bites of spicy beef or prawn combinated well with the special fresh herbs, lightly-cooked beansprouts and onions, the layer of one-of-a-kind Binh-Dinh-way rice paper and the gorgeous fish dipping sauce.

Gia Vy – 118 Dong Da st., Quy Nhon city.
Gia Vy 2 – 14 Dien Hong st., Quy Nhon city.

Bun Ram Phu My – special noodle with tiny crab and shrimp stock

Bun Ram Phu My. (Source: vietnamnet)

Served with a bowl of thick “ram” meat, topped with its cooked eggs – a species of crab, which is brackish water-based, Bun Ram is a lovely dish that would awake your whole morning. Adding a small spoon of “sate” chilli and a slice of lime, dipping some more fresh veggie, you are ready to jump in.

My Hanh – 32 Ngo Duc De st., Quy Nhon city.

Banh Hoi Chao Long – steamed pig viscera with special Vietnamese rice-flour “banh”

Banh Hoi Chao Long. (Source: honda67)

“Inside parts” of an animal may seem a bit thrilling for some people to take a leap to try, but if you are willing to create new experience, this is one of the nice dishes that is definitely worth drinking a shot. The special local kind of carbon source and the sweet-and-sour light deeping sauce definitely enhance the mouthfuls of soft meat.

254 Bach Dang st., Quy Nhon city.
Man – 76A Tran Phu st., Quy Nhon city.
20/22 Dien Hong st., Quy Nhon city.

Banh Beo Chen

(Source: saigonamthuc)

Not similar to the type of Banh Beo you got from Hue or Quang Nam, this specialty from Binh Dinh is bigger and thicker, topped with dried chopped shrimp or peanut, served with fish-based dressing and pickled carrot.

Banh Beo Cay Man – 746A Tran Hung Dao st., Quy Nhon city.
31/35 Tran Thi Ky st., Quy Nhon city.

Oc – sea snail dishes

(Source: saigonamthuc)

Sea snail dishes is an incredible experience when being at Quy Nhon city with a surprisingly reasonable price (about 15.000 vnd/70 cent per plate).

Oc chi Kieu – 5D Tang Bat Ho st., Quy Nhon city.
21/2 Ngoc Han Cong Chua st., Quy Nhon city.
Oc Co Xi – 40 Dao Duy Tu st., Quy Nhon city.

Special seafood dishes

Steamed sea fish. (Source: zing news)
Jelly hot pot. (Source: monngon)

Being a beach city, seafood is a huge thing you should never neglect of once been here. Fresh sea fish, crab, prawn and squid, seasoned and cooked in a proper way will be a big hit for your dinner.

Hoa hoa (boat) restaurant – 318 Phan Chu Trinh st., Quy Nhon city. (try the jelly-fish hot pot).
Hai Sy restaurant – 3 Nguyen Hue st., Quy Nhon city.
Chin Man restaurant – 6 Xuan Dieu st., Quy Nhon city.

Banh canh Ba O – Rice noodle with grilled chopped fish

Banh Canh Ba O. (Source: quynhonclub)

Banh Canh is a popular kind of noodle soup in the whole country. This version, made from different kinds of grilled chopped fish, boiled egg and super delicious stock may surprise you more than it should.

384 Bach Dang st., Quy Nhon city.

Where to live

There are not too much options inside the city but those beneath are considerably recommended:

Seagull Hotel – 489 An Duong Vuong st., Quy Nhon city.
Contact: (84-56)3 846 377
This 4-star hotel provides a good service, living and resting capacities with an acceptable booking price. Outdoor pool heading to the city’s beach is a plus.

Sunflowers Hotel – 13-15-17 Nguyen Hue st., Quy Nhon city.
Contact: (84-56)3 891 279
The hotel offers good price for most of the room categories, some of them own the view heading to the sea. The service quality is relatively good.

Saigon Quynhon Hotel – 24 Nguyen Hue st., Quy Nhon city.
Contact: (84-56)3 820 100
Saigon Quynhon is a 5-star standard hotel located on the street that is in parallel with the very beach road (Xuan Dieu) of the city. Providing professional service with suffiecient superior living conveniences would bring you satisfaction.

If you have any question about the accomodation when attending the city, please do not feel hesitate to contact us, Begodi offers a much better price than the one you get at the front desk.

Shopping spots

There are not much shopping areas in Quy Nhon like in big cities of Vietnam (Hanoi, Saigon). Buying dried food and local specilities are highly recommended.

Recommended shopping addresses:

Vietnamese “mam” – salted/brined seafood
Quang Trung shop – 312 Phan Boi Chau st., Quy Nhon city
Thanh Liem shop – 138 Chuong Duong st., Quy Nhon city
Dac San Xu Nau shop – 3D Tang Bat Ho st., Quy Nhon city

“Nem” from Huyen market – pickled pork meat, pork skin, wrapped in leaves.
Nam Thu shop – 75 Tran Phu st., 115 Hoang Quoc Viet st., Quy Nhon city.
Thu Thao shop – 163-166, Tran Phu st., Tuy Phuoc town, Binh Dinh province.

Ruou Bau Da – unique wine in stone-gourds
The stone-gourd wine village, Nhon Loc Town, Binh Dinh province.

Dried seafood and snacks
Phung Nga – Vu Bao st., Quy Nhon city.
Thuy Trinh – Tang Bat Ho st., Quy Nhon city.
Kim Anh shop – 131 Tran Cao Van st., Quy Nhon city.


  • If you wish to hang around the city to dig deep into the culture or simply take in some fresh air from the beaches, knock it by bike. Quy Nhon is a highly friendly and not-so-crowded city which is full of fresh air. You can take advantage of that.
  • If you want to visit the islands (Ky Co, Hon Kho,…), booking a tour is not a bad idea. The price is so reasonable in comparison with the fresh seafood meal and all the service included in the package. Information for booking provided above (and widely available on the internet).
  • Some coffee shops in Quy Nhon are really interesting to give a try. You can hit the outdoor Surf Bar 1&2 in the evening, located on the Xuan Dieu beach and enjoy the sea atmosphere. Huong Viet café (37 Nguyen Luong Bang st.) or Anh Nhat Gia Vien café (1087 Tran Hung Dao st.) own an traditional wooden outlook with good service, nice dishes and beverages.

If you have any question to make your next trip perfectly-prepared, do not hesitate to contact us – global Begodi to ask for help.

Source: news.begodi.com

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