(BEGODI) – Islands that dot the Southern coast of Cambodia are known by few and visited by less. With a lack of infrastructure and less emphasis on tourism, these pieces of paradise remain relatively undiscovered. Sitting pretty outside of the limelight, these islands hold the beauty of Southern Thailand 20 years ago. However, these secret destinations are slowly leaking out into the mainstream travel world. We advise that you visit them while they are still endearingly untouched. With each island having a unique atmosphere, you get the luxury of picking your perfect paradise.

koh rong sanloem island2
Saracen Bay (Source: mydestiny.com)

Koh Rong Sanloem

The best-known and most developed island of the country’s south coast, Koh Rong Sanloem is picture-perfect. Its western side boasts three secluded getaway beaches with soft yellow sand and crystal waters. You can stay on Lazy Beach or Sunset Beach as these are the two stretches that offer accommodation.

Saracen Bay makes up the heart-shaped eastern side of the island. These beaches have piercing white sand that separates the dense tropical jungle from the azure ocean.  There are more accommodation options here, with around 12 small-scale bungalow resorts to choose from.

Koh Rong Sanloem encourages a life a hammock swinging, cocktail drinking and sunset watching, and nothing much beside that. The beautiful shore and lush vegetation is thus perfect for couples or anyone seeking true seaside solitude.

koh rong sanloem island
Koh Rong Sanloem (Source: Ivo Posthumus via Flickr)

Koh Rong

With the reputation of being the party island of Cambodia, Koh Rong is a dreamy tropical paradise with two personalities. The Koh Tuch village area is the pulsating hub of the island. Backpackers dancing ‘til dawn along beach bars and guest houses attract certain travellers and divert others. Nevertheless, Koh Rong’s beaches are some of Cambodia’s most beautiful. Outside of the Koh Tuch area it remains virtually unblemished.

Miles of white sand and turquoise waters along with vibrant marine life undulate along the island’s 7 bays. Long Beach is a highlight of the island, with 7 km of picturesque palm trees and fine sand. Many people spend their days here swimming, sunbathing and fishing. You can also enjoy snorkelling, diving, trekking and biking, or visit the island’s remote fishing villages.

koh rong island
Long Beach, Koh Rong (Source: destinationadventure.com)

Koh Ta Kiev

For a true secluded island vacation, Koh Ta Kiev may be the rustic haven that you seek. Despite being the closest to the mainland, this island floats under the radar. There are only a handful of accommodation options here, which probably explains the limited number of visitors. Nothing stops you from sleeping under the stars though, with hammocks and tents as viable back-to-basics options.

Three lovely beach areas dwell on Koh Ta Kiev, with soft yellow sand and many pine trees. There are also coral reefs to explore, and many trekking paths through the lush jungle. Over 150 species of birdlife abundantly inhabit the island. You can also find a local fishing village and further south, the Naked Beach.

Koh Ta Kiev island
Koh Ta Kiev (Source: wikimedia commons)

Koh Thmei

Nature lovers unite at Koh Thmei, the island that is abundant with wildlife and mangrove forests. It floats beside Ream National Park, and is home to monkeys, civets, several endangered species and over 150 types of birds. Snorkelling through the coral reef is a stunning experience, and you can find beautifully unbroken shells scattered along the shore.

There is only one accommodation option on Koh Thmei, making it a good choice for the indecisive island hopper too. The wonderfully eco-minded Koh Thmei Resort presents 8 solar-powered wooden bungalows to choose from.

Hiking, kayaking, bird-watching, and even pony-riding is available if relaxing along the pristine beaches is not thrilling enough for you.

Koh Thmei island
Koh Thmei (Source: wikimedia commons)

Koh Totang

Part of the Koh S’Dach Archipelago, Koh Totang is a minute island of only 1.3 km by 500 m. Thus, it is no surprise that very few people have heard of this little off the beaten track paradise. Its sand is so fine it squeaks under your toes, and the rocky shores are picturesque.

Staying on this island means that you are truly off the grid. Nomad’s Land, the only accommodation on Koh Totang, is a haven of 5 bohemian bungalows that are sustainable in every way. Although you will be without internet, you will have solar-powered electricity, stored (clean) rainwater for drinking, bucket showers and composting toilets. The produce that the island uses for food is also sustainably grown in the permaculture garden on site.

This is the true island getaway destination for anyone seeking to escape and unplug in rustic seaside bliss.

koh totang island nomads land
Nomad’s Land Resort (Source: kohtotang.com)

Now that you are in the loop about the secret spots of island heaven, you can pick your piece of paradise with confident delight. We hope that you get to enjoy these stunning seaside spots while they are still humbly untouched.

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