(BEGODI) – Asia – the wonderland of exceptionally spectacular cuisine which for thousands of year has been so popular all around the world. Each of every single country owns its own secret of a magical kind of serving stock, varies from Japan – land of rasing sun to the stunning south-east Asia nations. Check out some of the most significant names which has passed through history and become the “ir-neglactable” part of Asian cuisine.


Shoyu Ramen, Tokyo style. (Source: angsarap)

In the cuisine field only, Japan is famous for its noble endowment: the country with the most Michelin-star restaurants, even more than (and in fact, triples) the total number in France – the country this award comes from. On top of that, Ramen is an absolute legend, which during the time-honored history, has been created by a huge deal of techniques and effort.

The rich and thick pork-or-chicken-based broth, the curly rolls of Soba noodles, thin and soft slices of pork, nori (dried seaweed), green onion and gorgeous bites of mamen (salted bamboo shoots) – All garther in a bowl of happiness.

Tsukemen Ramen, Tonkotsu flavor – When eating, dip the noodle into the broth bowl. (Source: tastemade)

This name of specialty has been initiated all over the country since forever, gave birth to variable absolutely-symbolic flavor types, depends on the local culture and nature basis: Shio (traditional ramen with salt flavor), Shoyu (soy sauce flavor), Tonkotsu (pork-bone based, gelatine-formed whitish broth), Miso (distint miso-soup broth based),…

Wonton noodle soup

Wonton and Char Siu noodle soup – Beijing style. (Source: angsarap)

Everybody loves dumpling – the time-owner Chinese signature dish. Wonton, as how it is enhanced by its own Dumpling mother, has spectacularly grown into another delightful form, which is perfectly served with a gorgeous kind of broth, green cabbage and slices of char siu pork.

Wrapped in a wheat flour-based layer, stuffed with a combination of minced pork, egg, mushroom, and sometimes, minced shrimp, boiled or steamed in an exceptional quick time, it is ready to go then.

Wonton noodle soup – Hong Kong style. (Source: youtube)

Soft Tofu Stew

Soft Tofu Stew. (Source: theepochtimes)

This dish is especially good to served on rainy or cold days – when you have to slightly blow the spoons of soup to make it less hot. The spicy a-bit sweet flavor, blended with the soft melt-in-the-mouth tofu bites, the well-done stew meat and the abundance of cooked veggies: kim chi, green cabbage, green onion,… Go for a spoon and the cold seems to melt off.

Beef or Chicken Pho


Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup (Phở Gà). Recipe here: http://norecipes.com/2010/12/15/vietnamese-chi…le-soup-phở-ga/
Pho Ga – Vietnamese chicken noodle soup. (Source: yeunoitro)

This extraordinary kind of noodle soup has been famous all over the planet for its one-of-a-kind flavor embraced by the slow-cook-technique taste of the broth and the Vietnamese-way noodle creation. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night, Pho rocks it all.

For hundreds of years, Pho has become one of an irreplaceable part of Vietnamese cuisine particularly, of the whole country’s living culture generally.

There is no special way to enjoy a bowl of Pho, take it anyway you want. Squeeze a slice of lime, top with a spoon of the exceptional Pho chilli sauce, dip into the broth with some fresh green herbs or the fried “quay”, drink a thoat-ful of broth, chopstick or spoon, taste it or chew it, your own ways to go.

Pho Bo – Vietnamese beef noodle soup. (Source: thieunien)

Tomyum Goong

Tomyum Goong. (Source: dealoffer)

This tasty sweet-and-sour with a touch of heat seafood-based soup will lift your body and soul to the land of Thailand – where you can find yourself embraced in a culinary journey with more than hundred years of history.

Serve this with any kind of Asian carbon source you can find and it always perfectly matches: bread, rice, rice noodle, vermicelli, anything. Go to Thailand. Hit a try on the dish. Make sure you feel alive.

Hu Tieu Mi, Bun Rieu Cua

Bun Rieu Cua – Vietnamese crab-egg vermicelli soup. (Source: hutieu_english)

This bowl of soup is another Vietnamese magic – certified by Gordon Ramsay on his journey to get a deep dig into the Vietnamese cuisine. Right on the river, among the sailboats purchasing their fresh-on-field homemade products, “Di Hai”, the name of the dish’s chef, ready to serve her delightful glorious food creation – Hu Tieu Mi, a type of noodle soup that you can not find anywhere else but here.

Di Hai’s little magical sailboat. (Source: tftravel)

The flavor of the serving broth, blended smoothly with all the great ingredients, give birth to a perfect bowl of Vietnamese western quintessence.

Water is an essential part of every single creature, especially human. The Asian cuisine definitely acknowledges that, it brings out one the most grateful texture of water provision, a genius food form – soup. Go for a bowl of soup, let your body be loved.

Source: news.begodi.com

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