(BEGODI) – A traveller’s paradise, Thailand has proved to be the most popular destination in Southeast Asia. But even with its booming tourism, it is by no means overrated. Here is a plethora of reasons why Thailand remains the ultimate place to fulfill the wanderlust of every explorer.

solo thailand
Soaking up the spectacular nature of Thailand (Source: Vu Huy)

Friendly people

There is a reason why people call it the Land of Smiles. Thai locals are some of the warmest that you will come across during your travels. The openness of its people creates an incredible atmosphere of familiar comfort. This friendliness is incredibly reassuring when you are navigating through foreign lands.

Buddhism is a significant influencer that creates such a respectful and peaceful nation.

The traditional way of greeting each other is with a ‘wai’. This is a small bow of the head with hands placed together in a prayer position. Being acknowledged in this sincere and reverent way gives you a beautiful feeling of being welcomed and seen.

land of smiles thailand2
Truly the Land of Smiles (Source: Vu Huy)
Monk giving alms
Monk greeting with a wai before giving alms (Source: Vu Huy)

Amazing food

Thailand is no stranger to robust and fragrant flavours, and there is such an array of delicious dishes to try. Every meal will leave you wanting to order it again. But don’t let this prevent you from enjoying the array of other tasty options!

You can indulge in street food from inviting vendors or feast your taste buds in a restaurant. Either way you are guaranteed to get an authentic Thai culinary experience.

Spectacular temples

As expected from the considerable Buddhist presence, temples are in abundance throughout the country. With over 40 000 to choose from, there is no pressure (or possibility) to see them all. They showcase a range of different sizes and characteristics. The design represents the varying orders, schools and classes that they belong to.

A wonderful way to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s values is through exploring these sacred spaces.

Wat Rong Khun sun
Wat Rong Khun (Source: Vu Huy)
Doi Suthep Chiang Mai
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (Source: Vu Huy)

Vibrant markets

Whatever item you seek, there is a market in Thailand that offers it. From weekend, railway and flower markets to floating markets and second hand bazaars. There are endless colourful stalls to get consumed in for hours.

Each market houses a unique atmosphere as you wander through it. For this reason, market hopping never seems to get old.

Blissful beaches

An image of a perfect beach is synonymous with Thailand. Its emerald waters fade to transparency as they hug the pristine white shore. Evidently, no one needs to convince a beach lover of the appealing coasts that contour the region.

Although there are many overpopulated sandy stretches, there are also several less discovered pieces of paradise to bask in.

Coral reefs are the natural wonders that should not be missed while on the islands of Thailand. Snorkelling and deep sea diving are popular among tourists who seek to find this world of unseen tropical splendour.

Beach perfection in Krabi (Source: Vu Huy)
Surat Thani
Stunning limestone beach in Surat Thani (Source: Vu Huy)

Exciting nightlife

Thailand is renowned for its wild party streets and red light districts, but that is not the extent of its nightlife. Jazz lounges, rooftop bars and alternative music scenes are also prevalent. Thus, there are countless events that are sure to entice every niche of travellers.

Beautiful nature

Nature and wildlife are richly present in the various national parks scattered around the country. Though the north is home to expansive hiking havens, the famous limestone cliffs dwell picturesquely in the south.

From tigers and wild boars to monkeys and elephants, the wildlife that can be seen in Thailand is extraordinary. However, it is important to ensure that you are being a responsible tourist while interacting with these potentially exploited animals.

Trekking Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain in Thailand (Source: Vu Huy)
Chiang Rai scene
Chiang Rai’s natural beauty (Source: Vu Huy)

Outstanding galleries

The capital has an amazing collection of art galleries to discover. The contemporary art scene is incredibly impressive, with around 20 gallery spaces dedicated to exhibiting local and international names. Many of these exhibitions are free and interactive, attempting to make art more accessible to all.

Extravagant festivals

Whether it stems from a religious observance or an event on the lunar calendar, another festival is never too far away. Perhaps most famous for their full-moon celebrations and Songkran, Thailand boasts many other interesting and bizarre festivals.

Songkran scene
Songkran water festival (Source: Vu Huy)

Rich history and culture

Still steeped in tradition, some regions of Thailand linger virtually untouched by modernisation. A visit to these sites will present marvels of authentically preserved ruins dating back to the 13th century.

Also part of the Thai people’s history is their mixed cultural identity. Essences of India, China, Cambodia and other parts of Southeast Asia remain woven into the fibre of the country.

This makes for an extremely vibrant and inclusive society that has most travellers wanting to extend their visits, or promising to eventually return.

Historic Town of Sukhothai (Source: Vu Huy)
buddha in nature
Buddha peacefully among the nature (Source: Vu Huy)

With everything to offer and an extremely low cost of living, it is no wonder that the large expat community in Thailand is an ever-expanding one.

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